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Development Department

The Development Department, headed by Nakagawa Kasumi, is primarily responsible for fundraising to ensure CDP's long-term viability. The Department prepares proposals for projects large and small, and also gathers information and achievements from all over the organization in order to provide reports to existing funders according to their specifications. The Department is closely involved with overall program planning and advises the Executive Director on training and placement of human resources.

Within the Development Department is an Advocacy Unit, which collects information from t is an Advocacy Unit, which collects information from both within and outside the organization and monitors important cases and draft laws. One of its goals is to increase the quality of legislation by preparing commentary on both draft laws and existing legislation in order to assist or lobby parliament and other bodies on law reform issues. The Advocacy Unit has just produced the first issue of a quarterly bulletin, called "Neak Chbab Legal Briefs", which contains case notes, commentary, articles and opinions on human rights and important issues facing the Cambodian legal system.

The Development Department has a staff of four and is currently working on diversifying CDP's financial support base so that CDP's vital programs may be supported in the long term and expanded as the need arises.

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