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Printed Publications - Books, Reports and Research

-         Braaf, Rochelle 2014, Sexual Violence against Ethnic Minorities during the Khmer Rouge Regime

-         CDP 2014, Women’s Hearing and the Young Generation 2013, report on the proceedings

-         CDP 2013, Gender-Based Violence during the Khmer Rouge: A Forgotten Issue? – CDP GBV Project 2010-2012 Evaluation Report

-         CDP 2012, Asia-Pacific Regional Women’s Hearing on Gender-Based Violence in Conflict – Report on the Proceedings 2012

-         CDP 2012, Report on the Proceedings of the 2011 Women’s Hearing on Sexual Violence under the Khmer Rouge Regime

-         CDP 2011, International Gender Justice Conference Report

-         Cohill, Stuart 2011, Criminal Legal Resource Guide (Khmer and English)

-         Duong, Savorn 2011, The mystery of sexual violence during the Khmer Rouge regime

-         Nakagawa, Kasumi 2008, Gender-based violence during the Khmer Rouge regime

-         Natale, Katrina 2011, ‘I could feel my soul flying away from my body’, a study of gender based violence during democratic Kampuchea in Battambang and Svay Rieng Provinces

-         Oeun, Sok Sam 2007, Police in Democratic Society in Cambodia

-         Oeun, Sok Sam 2005, Investigation and Human Trafficking Cases (Khmer)

-         Oeun, Sok Sam 2005, Domestic Violence and Law (Khmer)

-         Oeun, Sok Sam 2002, Law and Human Trafficking (Khmer and English, reprinted 2001 and 2002)

-         Oeun, Sok Sam 2000, Basic Criminal Investigation Techniques

-         Yim, Sotheary 2012, The past and the present of forced marriage survivors

Note: Many of the listed documents can be downloaded at www.gbvkr.org

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