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Please note: As parts of our staff spend much time working at the ECCC, your message is reaching them faster if you direct it to both of their E-Mail addresses.

Mr. Sok Sam Oeun           President                                   012 901 199                              samoeunsok@gmail.com

Mr. Hong Kimsuon                    Acting Executive Director          011 758 578                               kimsuon@cdpcambodia.org kimsuon.hong50@gmail.com

Mr. In Vuthy                        Project Coordinator Legal Team 012 954 185                              vuthy@cdpcambodia.org in.vuthy2008@yahoo.com

Mr. Duong Savorn                   Project Coordinator GBV-Team 012 800 816                              savorn@cdpcambodia.com

Mr. Kim Sambath                   Head Finance & Administration  012 574 334                      sambathcdp@yahoo.com

CDP Office:                                             #1 LEO, Street 450                     Sangkat Toul Tum Pong II       Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CDP Online:                   www.cdpcambodia.org www.gbvkr.org